I sculpt movement as space. This somewhat obscure sentence may serve as a definition of my expression. I make things visible that I otherwise wouldn’t know even exist. Mind and matter describes my way of working. The need to sculpt is born at the point of friction between the mind and the material. This friction gives life to my artworks. With my works I want to bypass reasoning. I aim to trigger such a strong experience in the viewer that it is difficult to ignore – so that there isn’t enough time to think before you feel. The time for thinking and explaining will come later.

Daniel Werkmäster writes:

People are mobile things, our bodies move and we move with our bodies. There is also a strong organic dimension that is warmly and deeply sensual but at the same time abstract and difficult to pinpoint. In Lehtinen’s installation at this exhibition, a form made of fabric fills with air and then empties, steered by the viewer’s presence. The sculpture contracts and loosens like the movement of breathing. It is a question of our corporality, but through a poetic tone the expression becomes nearly spiritual, producing a feeling that we are dealing with more than mere physicality.

Jukka Lehtinen has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Finland and abroad. Lehtinen graduated from Lahti Institute of Fine Arts in 1986. Besides the artistic work Lehtinen teaches at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

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